About us

The Walthamstow Antiquarian Society was founded in December 1914.

The origins of the Society lie in a small band of enthusiasts who were keen to further the study of local history and publish books in which such knowledge would be available “for all comers and for all time”. With the aim of promoting the study and enjoyment of local history, particularly in the vicinity of Walthamstow.

In the furtherance of these aims a series of thirty-eight large-paper Monographs was published between 1914 and 1940. Following a lapse of eleven years a new series of Monographs was launched of which forty-three have been published to date.

The Society was responsible for establishing a museum at the Old Vestry House in 1930 as well as subsequently founding the much renowned William Morris Gallery.

The name of the Society was changed to the Walthamstow Historical Society in April 1987.

The Society is a registered charity – number 277823.